A dummy’s guide

How to make trypraying happen in your church – without spending ages searching this website.

You can do this in your own church or together with others.

  • Choose two Sundays in April – one to introduce trypraying to everyone by giving a copy of the booklet to use themselves and the next to encourage them to give it away. (‘Use it and lose it’).  Here are a couple of video resources to show to help share the vision: Use it and lose it and trypraying – the idea.

  • Get a trypraying banner to put up outside.

  • Order materials needed. The Spring bundle has 100 booklets and a banner for a substantial discount. There are other resources too.

  • Pray for the congregation to get into conversations to share the booklet with friends.

  • Pray for people to become Christians and for good stories to come back to encourage the church.

How to make it happen in your town or city.

  • Contact other church leaders.

  • Share information about trypraying.  

  • Bring people together into a meeting to decide: whether, when and how.

  • Contact us for help. 

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