How It Works

Trypraying is a seven day prayer guide for people who wouldn’t darken a church door – it’s available as a booklet or a smart phone app.

Many people pray who would not consider themselves religious. ‘Trypraying’ is written for them. It’s in accessible language and is a simple challenge to try praying for 7 days and see what happens. It has short information articles and stories of answers to prayer. There are things to do each day as well as a short prayer to pray.

It’s not a preach; but it does help people open their lives to their maker and find his influence and truth. Significantly it has the good news of Jesus explained throughout the seven days and anyone who works their way through the booklet runs the risk of becoming a Christian.

It’s a resource for churches, Christian organisations, or anyone who wants to share their faith with a friend, neighbour or family member.

Trypraying is also a statement: a logo with the potential to start people on a journey – or at least to start a conversation. Across the UK, churches in various towns and cities have come together to display it on buses and banners and billboards, resulting in some amazing stories.

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