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trypraying:youth is an exciting new resource designed by a team of young writers and designers, it’s aimed at teens who don't go to church. It's a 'how-to' booklet on prayer - with the gospel explained throughout. It's full of fresh stories and wise teaching. The site gives a good flavour of what trypraying:youth is all about. Plus there's a youtube channel with vox pops from the streets of Manchester: Our teens need answers more than ever. In recent lyrics from Plan-B - one of the UK's most successful rap artists - he says about a typical kid from a housing estate; "Lost my way, fell down a hole, no-one’s gonna come and save my soul. Lost my way, no going back, I’m stuck right here and that is that. If you don’t believe in something, then you’ll fall for anything." 'trypraying:youth' is a challenge to young believers to reach out to their friends. It's also the coolest 7-day prayer-guide you've ever seen. We pray that receiving this booklet might be one step in a life-changing direction for many teens. You can order copies here  


Trypraying for kids receives excellent feedback wherever it goes – from kids and volunteers alike. It’s an attractive seven day prayer guide for children aged between 7 and 12 years old. Packed with stories, games and activities this will help children develop a life of trusting God. It works particularly well when the content is used as the basis for a teaching session, and then the kids are free to take the book home at the end. One leader says; "We used it with our Sunday Club and built activities around the simple message of you can pray ANYWHERE, at ANYTIME about ANYTHING. After we had finished the activities I gave all the kids a trypraying booklet - one of the kids said to me that she didn't need one, as she had got one last year, but she wanted to give her copy to her friend." This is a great companion to the adult version and will enable a whole church participation in a trypraying project. You can order copies here



This site gives you a taste of what it is to try praying. You can go through it quickly – it’d probably take you about 15 mins. But we’ve designed it so you take a page a day and actually give it a go.



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